Boolean Subtract wont working with multi lines?


I tried to put “I love you hand” on a rose background and then delete everything inside of hand, but it deleted outside.

Do you have any tips for deleting everything inside?

Thank you very much

i love you hand sign.lbrn2 (272.1 KB)
Here’s file

Is this what you want? If so, I duplicated the hand, put the duplicate on a different layer for clarity, selected the new hand and then the rose and used boolean assistant to choose the proper subtract function.

Updated hand sign.lbrn2 (288.8 KB)


A few more steps involved, but this is how I understand the desired outcome.
I will detail those steps if this is what he is looking for

I think your version makes more sense. I redid the file the same way as you for an exercise.

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This is perfect! How do you do this? I’m happy to Paypal you for beers

That is mighty kind of you, but I would rather have you learn the software (with help once in a while) - and pass the knowledge on to others. Pay it forward :wink: and if you don’t mind, think about maybe sharing your finished projects on the forum.

#1 - shift click on the black layer label to select everything on the black layer - click on GROUP. Change that layer to FILL. Set it aside for now.

#2 shift click on the blue layer label to select all blue stuff. Click on change Blue layer to FILL. click on GROUP. Press CTRL+D to duplicate. Move one copy aside for now.

#3 across the bottom of one of the blue hands, make a rectangle that reaches from one side to the other side of the hand - to enclose the wrist in a solid boundary. see poto

#5 Group rectangle and hand into one piece - boolean weld

#6 Select the second (enclosed hand) - select the OFFSET tool. Offset OUTWARD at 0.00

#7 Delete the second hand, select the solid shape from the offset command

#8 Stack the heart and the solid shape - select both


9 Use Boolean Subtract to punchout the outline of the hand shape


#10 If the hand shape is left and the heart is gone… press CTRL+Z and re-do the Subtract operation. The program is meant to work like this…


#11 Once you have the empty outline in the heart, drag the original hand shape back and line them up. Select all, and change everything to the black layer.

It is several steps, but it will get easier once you start to learn the Lightburn logic.

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