Boolean Subtraction Questions

I want to pull the black squares from the red ring. I succeed, but in a strange way, I think.

First, I group the squares and make sure they protrude across the red circle. I first mark the grouped squares then the red circle, then I press Boolean Subtract but get a “wrong” result.

When I press Undo and then again on Boolean Subtract - I get the desired result.

It was a coincidence I found the “solution” to my little problem, - My question is: Can it be done without the Undo button “stopover”

Yes, yes it can. Using the ‘Undo’ is a feature we added to help folks that did not intend to get the result they did and want to retry, but there is a bit more going on here.

In LightBurn the selection order matters. In this case, you asked for something to be done to the objects you selected, “do this, to that”. We try to offer you a quick way to tell LightBurn, “sorry, other way around.” by selecting the ‘Undo’/‘Redo’ to correct/reverse the selection order and execute the requested action again. This is what you observed when doing the ‘Boolean Subtract’

Amazingly, I have used these very practical tools so many times and know very well that it is important “who comes first” in this context.

In fact, my headline should have been - you don’t do this :wink:

Thank you

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