Boolean union of two shapes

I forgot to make a fillet when I designed a lamp on f360. I was trying to make it manually in LB by making a shape (blue layer) and then Union it with the red shape. I watched the video on LBs’ youtube channel and it’s very informative however I still struggle.

Let me explain my process and then, please, you can call me dumb and tell me what am I messing up.
-First draw a line and make it into an arc.
-Make a lower line to close the shape.
-Group the shape
-Try to union both shapes but there is only the weld feature available (even if they’re in the same layer).

Then I used the “select open shapes” and it was open… then used the “close path” as well as the “auto-join” options. but they don’t help…
Also something weird was happening here when I tried to group the shape.

Any thoughts would be appreciated.

Ok, I don’t know exactly the reason however once I close the path of the open shape it kept the arc on top of the closed shape (can appreciate it on the last picture of the previous post). I guess it’s one of those things that need to figure out once and u’ll never forget hahaha

I hope this is helpful for someone in the community too

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