Boolean union or weld shapes - neither works as expected

I’ve got some shapes laid out in lightburn that I am trying to merge together as one, much like one would do if using Illustrator’s shape unite.

I’ve zoomed in and the paths are touching,and I have selected them all but lightburn refuses to merge them in and leave me with just the outline of all the shapes as one singular path.

However if I used weld shapes, I only get the right side merged in, while the rest are ignored. ( see below screen grab of this )

Been at this for a bit and trying hard to not go back to illustrator to do this, cause it’s so straightforward, then to bring it back into lightburn as I would rather use lightburn exclusively going forward.

What could I check for, so I can figure out how to get this to work? Is there a way to add snap to grid somehow so you can know that your paths are exactly touching?

It works for me but it always helps if we have your file to test things out with. If you’d like to attach your file that would help greatly.

When I run into this, I usually just extend the shape so it crosses into the other shape and then weld them together. It’s faster for me than chasing down the issue. You can set everything to snap to grid under the system settings tool (gear-shape). Give it a try and see if that helps.

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Thank you! It was literally one of those zoom to max to see if the paths were touching and some still were not. This trick saved me, without having to worry about adjusting the overall width or height of the actual object.

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Next time, you can use the dock buttons to move the shapes together until they really touch (if you set padding to 0). Another method is to use the x and y coordinates and the reference point selection to put them onto the exact same coordinate.

(Edit: it’s hard to see in this resized picture. Right-click on it and select “open image in new tab”, then you can see it in full resolution)

If the boolean operations on the left are grayed out, then it’s likely you have more than two objects selected or they are not closed shapes. You have both multiple objects and shapes that are not closed.

Boolean tools require exactly two shapes or two groups of shapes.

Might want to review the documentation… there is also a couple of video that will help you out…

There is no node that will allow three tool paths to converge. You can’t have this in a closed object…

Good luck


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