Boolean Weld of Words on Words

I’m looking for some assistance as to how I can replicate the technique in the attached picture. I would imagine it would be with a boolean weld of some sort. I’m not looking to duplicate the design, but rather learn how I can do something similar. Thanks!!!

To save me retyping, have a look at this documentation and watch the video at the end of this information for more details on how and when to use the Boolean features.

Thanks, Rick. I’ve watched the video and read the docs, but I’m still struggling to achieve the same effect. Is there a step by step method/assistance for achieving this techniques? Thanks!!!

Not yet, but it is planned for this and many other things within LightBurn. You may have seen the video we did for making a WIFI QRCode project. This example is what we want to do for a bunch of workflows and tasks one can do to learn a ton of LightBurn goodness while making something useful as the result. We really want to make more of these, but feature additions have priority. :wink:

Now, how to recreate something that looks like the image you provided (one possible workflow):

Create large text, create small text, then place where you want.

With small text selected, I used the ‘Offset’ tool to add an outer offset of 1mm to that text. Select the resulting offset and then the larger text. Now select the ‘Weld’ tool.

Here is the result in ‘Preview’. Is this what you are wanting to achieve?

This is perfect. I had all the step correct except for this part “Select the resulting offset and then the larger text.” That was the trick. Thanks for your awesome help!!!

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