Boolean with lines?

Hello everyone,

when cutting a map I came across this problem that I wanted to “trim” a few lines that I got from my data source, ideally by applying a boolean with a bounding box. See the attached screenshot. However as I found out booleans only seem to be working with closed shapes.

Now this can’t be so hard to achieve. Any way to do this I’m missing?

Thank you!

Ok I guess I was a bit too quick as I now found this post:

However, they say they have a line trimming function in the works but that was almost three years ago. Any news on that?


I can’t quite tell but are you trying to crop away the parts of the map that are outside one of the defined rectangles? If so, try this:

  1. Select all parts of map
  2. Add bounding rectangle to selection
  3. Tools->Cut Shapes
  4. That should leave you with 2 grouped objects: everything within the bounding rectangle and everything outside the bounding rectangle
  5. Discard the unwanted portion

Thanks, but this is about closed shapes, which is exactly the problem. It doesn’t work for lines.

Awesome, that totally did the trick. Thank you very much!

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