Boss HP3655 with some issues

I just got a Boss HP3655 set up and have been testing different materials and settings. There are a few issues that I’ve got so far:

When I connect the machine to my computer with a USB cable, the software and computer cannot find the machine. I’ve tried downloading the Boss LaserCAD software and haven’t had any success. This isn’t a terrible issue (that I can tell) since I just transfer files with a USB drive.

I am having issues with thicker plastics/foams (0.5in and 0.75in) ending up with a large kerf, and I think that there should be a way to move the Z axis after each pass. I have the machine set up in Light Burn as a Torcen-AWC controller but I’m not seeing any option to turn on the Z axis movements.

Run the installer for LaserCAD again, and this time click the drop-down and choose to install the USB driver. That should fix the connection issue.

Trocen controllers do not have the ability to move the Z axis within a running job like some other controllers do, which is why you don’t have those options.

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