Boss Laser 1420 Rotary XY slop issue

I recently purchased the LS1420 from BossLaser. I have cut multiple test pieces with the X and Y axis. I’m trying to hook up my rotary to etch a 2” round piece of anodized aluminum. I have drawn my desired design onto light burn, I set my origin to the center of my text. Every time I position my laser and attempt to frame it it XY slop errors. When I override to see what the laser will do it returns to X 0 and attempts to frame the text there which results in over travel. Any suggestion of help would be appreciated.

More than likely you have your ‘start from’ location set incorrectly.

When I do a mug, I set ‘start from’ to ‘user origin’. I select the job origin as the center left position. This way I can put my mug in the rotary, use the manufactures logo for a center of where I want the bottom of the image. Then press origin.

The way you are doing it you have to center it… may be an issue, maybe not…

When you run a scan, the head has to slow down, stop and reverse direction, speeding up to the desired speed. This is overscan. The Ruida computes this and if it’s outside the defined area, it will give you a slop error.

Make sense?


Thank you yeah it helped. I got to run a few test pieces today. Now I’m having an issue with my air assist not kicking on when the laser is firing. I’m imagining something is happening with the solenoid but I’m in contact with support now so we’ll see how that goes

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