Boss Laser just posted a very nice video about LightBurn

Boss Laser is going all in with LightBurn!

The new video is very well done. (although that first section with making the acrylic fish seems a little misleading)


Yeah, I was amused at the colorful fish. Someone put a lot of work into designing that item and it’s clearly not a drag and drop operation.

Lightburn is not one of the best programs. There’s only one “best.” It’s one of the better programs for laser work, although in my opinion, it’s the best one for me.

“Boss Edition” whats this? marketing prop? or something special for the,

That’s pretty slick - I’ve been pining for something like that to put on our own site, so clearly I’m going to have to up my game. :slight_smile:


You should really advertise the “Automatic Colored Fish” function more, I didn’t even know it existed.

“Boss Edition” whats this?

It comes with a code that allows for a free download of the full “Born to Run” album that only plays through the little buzzer on Ruida controllers. :wink:


And now I’m wondering how hard that would be to make happen…

“My Boss Laser Lighbturn isn’t changing the color of my object like I’ve specified in the design.”

–> “That’s a Boss-specific enhancement designed by Boss. You’ll need to talk to them.”


Boss should have the lightburn file available for the fishy along with the number of acrylic sheets required! I teach use of lightburn to a maker group of retired folks. I hope one of them doesn’t show up and ask me to help them design that fish. :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes: Marketing run amuck

Boss does post their demo projects. The link to them is

They provide DXF downloads of the project files also. Maybe with the new LightBurn relationship they will also post the LBRN version of the files in the future.

The fish video is at:

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Yow! I count seven colors. It would use a lot of solvent just to glue all that together. :grin:. Thanks for the post tho

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