BOSS Laser won't recognize Lightburn .rd file from Mac

I’m running Lightburn on my iMac and trying to get my BOSS LS1420 to recognize the file on the flash drive. Both my PC and iMac read and write to the flash drive just fine. Any suggestions on getting the laser to read the flash drive?

Try connecting the computer to the laser before you write the file to disk. It’s possible it’s using a different encoding key than normal, and LightBurn auto-detects that when connected, but it’s not stored anywhere, so if you’re disconnected, it just uses the default. (This is on my list to change in the next release or two)

Also, make sure the flash drive is formatted properly (not the partition, but the whole thing) and the file is on the root, with an 8.3 format filename (8 characters, no spaces, .RD extension)

Thanks. We’ll that a try.

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