Boss Ls 1420 65 W

I’m trying to get started with light burn but i can’t find my particular laser in the list what should i do?

If I remember correctly, Boss lasers use the Ruida controller, so I would pick Ruida from the device list when setting up your laser.

Yes i got the Ruida but when i go to try and set it up for my machine it doesn’t have it listed. There’s a 1416 and a 1620 but i can’t help thinking either of those wouldn’t not be right.

You want the 1416 and then just adjust the working size of your machine under the menu in Edit for Machine Settings

Which version of LightBurn are you using? There should be no Boss in there at all if your software is current. Everything is automated now using the 'Find my Laser" button.

I just bought and downloaded it yesterday but it didn’t download current version.

“It didn’t download current version” doesn’t tell me much. Which version are you running?

Sounds like i need to update software and that should fix my problem?

0.8.04 is the version I’m running

That’s an old, very out of date version. You need to download the newest version.

Yes, that version is over a year old now.

In LightBurn, click Help > Check for Updates and follow the prompts, or just download from the link Isaac posted.

Ok i got it downloaded thanks to everyone for the help.

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