Boss LS1630 Chuck Rotary problem

I bought a Chuck rotary off ebay months ago and after trying and trying again I still cant get it to work. Set it up using all the suggested settings and still nothing when moving with the laser touch pad it spins back and forth when I frame nothing and when lasering I’m getting nothing but straight lines with gaps in between

When engraving a shape on a rotary, the laser draws a line, and then the rotary turns a small amount, and the laser draws another line beside the first, and so on. If the gaps are large, it might just be that you need to set a lower “steps per rotation” value in the rotary setup.

You’ve said a lot, but given no specifics at all - “set it up using the suggested settings” - what were they? Post a screen shot of the rotary settings and that might help us help you get further.

You also haven’t shown what you’re trying to run on the rotary, or the settings you used with the job. Start small, like just a square or circle, and once that’s working and properly sized, move on to something harder.

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