BOSS Version of LightBurn

I see BOSS are now selling a “BOSS version” of Lightroom. What are the differences, and is it available to those of us who’ve already bought Lightburn?

If you have a Boss laser, I can add the tag to your key. The differences are minor branding, and a contact entry for Boss in the help menu - there are no functional differences.

So will the AW-708Plus controllers now come up as an HP model upon recognition or does that also stay the same?

The controller model doesn’t change - there’s no way for me to tell them apart from a normal AWC controller (or, with the Ruida version, I can’t tell an LS series controller apart from a normal Ruida).

Changing them doesn’t really serve anyone - In my mind, you’re better off knowing you have a Trocen or Ruida controller than thinking you have a “Boss HP controller”.

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