Boss Vue Camera Calibration Image

Hi! I just purchased a Boss LS1630 laser with the vue camera installed. The calibration directions use an image that is provided. I do not see a provided image. Does anyone know where I can go to get that image?

In LightBurn, on the second step of the camera calibration, there is a link to download the pdf of the camera calibration circles. It can also be found in our documentation for camera calibration, as a png.

Thanks. I found it. I was able to calibrate the center, bottom center, left center, but when I get to the right center, I can’t get a number lower than one. Any tips?

Is your camera mounted directly above the center of the work area of the laser? Here is the main tip list:

‘Does my bed have to be at a specific height? How come the camera will capture the center but not the corners? I am desperate!’

Did you scale the alignment number file to fit your bed? If you skip the scaling step, the camera may not capture your entire bed.