BossLaser laser not visible

I used to be able to see my laser before, when using it to frame on my materials. Now, the laser is only faintly visible making it almost impossible to line up my project properly. I have cleaned the lense but now I am not sure what else to do. Has anyone else had this issue?

If you have a Boss Laser, do you also have a red-dot pointer for framing? We’ll need to know a great deal more about what’s going on before we can advise or proceed toward a solution.

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Yes sorry the red dot for framing is what I am referring to. Sorry working with this laser is all new to me.

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If the red framing dot comes from a small pointer near the engrave head, it could be that the front lens of the pointer is getting dirty from smoke, debris or a small fire on the bed of the engraver.

Please post a couple of pictures of the inside of your engraver, near the engrave head. Those might just show us the red dot pointer.

In rare cases, the red dot is generated inside the CO2 laser tube and uses the same mirrors and focusing lens to put the dot on the work. If you have this set up, you may have to clean the small mirrors and check the focus lens in the engrave head for damage.

Have you possibly bumped the red dot pointer and the beam is hitting something between the output of the pointer and the worksurface?