BossLaser wont recognize Lightburn export file

I just purchased a Boss LS-2440. First, the LightBurn software doesn’t list this as an option in the BossLaser drop down. It does have the LS-2436 which Boss is no longer selling.

Second, I have tried to export the files I am working on to a USB to load onto my laser, but the machine will not recognize the file type. It seems that is requires a .rd file and I can not find that as an export function.

Choose Ruida in the device settings for your laser.

If you are looking to save the .rd file, look in the ‘Laser’ window for the ‘Save RD File’ button.

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As an additional note, Boss Lasers use a different scramble key for their RD files than normal Ruida machines, so when you use “Save RD File” you have to be connected to the machine for it to use the correct key. I’m going to make this remember your last setting so this won’t be necessary in the future.

Thanks for the help, this worked!!