BossLS1630 will not connect to Lightburn

I am trying out the LightBurn with a BossLaser LS1630 (Ruida 6442S Controller). The SW and the controller will not communicate.I have tried discovering the device and also manual setup (usb/serial and USB/comm). No luck. I am running out out time with the trail SW becuase I am only at the cutter once a week. This is a school’s laser. Anything I might be missing?

Thank you

What operating system are you running?

i am using Windows 10.

Try re-running the LightBurn installer. On the last page check the box where it asks if you’d like to install the FTDI driver.

Will I need to have the Laser connected and turned on, I will not be in front of the laser for another week,

I did find the FTDI installation at the end. I will try it again.
Thank you

If you need more time with the trial, email us the Trial ID shown in the license page and request an extension - we do that often.

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