Bottom Of Font Cut Off

Good day All,

I have just built a laser engraver with a 550x1150 bed size. I am running a Ruida 6445G controller. I have calibrated the x and y axes to give 100mm when requested. The issue I am having is that when I want to engrave text the bottom of the word seems to be cut off by 1-2mm. when I place two words on a label with one below the other only the bottom word has the bottom cut off.

I am certain that someone may have experienced this before.

Thank you for any help that may help haha

I’d bet money that it’s not cutting off the bottom, but engraving it all on a single line for a while, which would mean you have slack in your Y axis, either from a loose belt or pinion screw, or something similar.

If you engrave two triangles like this:

If they were cut off, they’d look like the ones on the right. If you have slack in the Y axis, they’ll look like the middle pair, where the left triangle of the pair has the wide bottom, followed by the rest of the triangle, because the first few rows just engraved in place.

Thanks for this handy tip. I did notice the Y axis(X and Y are inverted) belts were a bit slack and have tensioned them correctly now. the problem is far less severe now. I have noticed that it engraves much better when I engrave in the same direction as it moves away from the origin. I swopped the origin in the software and now it starts engraving closest to the origin instead of engraving towards the origin if that makes sense.

is this a norm or just my machine?

I’m not sure I understood this, but I think I did. You don’t need to change the origin - you can just set the Fill layer to have a Scan Angle of 180 degrees. That will engrave top to bottom instead of bottom to top.

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