Bought a small comgrow rotary for my red sail 80 watt CO2 chinese laser but need to change female 4 pin plug to connect to the Y axis. can anyone give me info on part number or info on the female plug part?

I have an 80 watt Red Sail (Chinese) CO2 laser that I purchased used about 6 months ago, was working great until I tried engraving the white tile method, the arc was brighter than normal during the 15 miinute burn, likely had the settings 35% power too high. Problem is after the engraving the stock fan would not shut off. Now I have to turn off the circuit breaker to kill all power. I do not have a user manual. Anyone know where I could find a manual ? Also where do I look to fix the locked fan problem ?

There is not enough information here.

How is your fan setup?

Mine is ‘enabled’ via the ‘Status’ port, along with low pressure air.

Does yours require you to ‘flip’ a switch? Those are cheap switches…


the fan does not require a toggle switch to operate as it comes on automatically when the engrave or cut operation starts. I just cannot shut it off

Are there 2 different questions going on here? Is this an air assist problem or exhaust fan?

@micrololin, sorry, I brought up the air control. Trying to figure out how his machine is wired.


My machine has ‘solid state relay’ to control the fan when the ‘status’ port goes low. That sounds like what you have. There has to be some kind of electronic switch or solenoid that controls your fan.

Bottom two lines are from the Ruida status…

Top pair complete mains circuit through the fan…

If the part is not obvious, you’ll have to follow the lines from the fan back to where it’s being controlled. That is probably the item that failed.

Make sense?

Good luck


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