Boundary trace speed

Checking the boundaries for my project, i think the speed is too low.
I tryed the Move section, but it doesnt seems to do anything.
This is just when i use the boundaries check, not burning.

Is there any way to adjust the speed.

The speed setting in the Move window is used when running the frame from LightBurn. What is yours set to?

It is set to 30 mm/sec. It happens when i use the Frame option.
Have try to alter the value in Move section, But I only see changes from 1 to 9 mm.
from 10 and up is the same speed. Its going slow. Using last version 64bit windows. Wil try to downgrade. is it other good softwares out there? Cant keep troubleshoot forever.

The issue is very likely the settings in the machine itself, not the software. What are your firmware settings? Type $$ into the console and copy the output here into a message. I suspect that your maximum speed settings are too low - probably the GRBL defaults, which are 500mm/minute, or about 8.3 mm/sec.

Ok. No its working. Change to 4000. All ok.

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