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In my self built machine I have the limits in the bottom left corner. The only way I can get a job to run is if I have it in ‘Current position’ mode, everything else just alarms as out of limits not matter how I try to change machine or user defined axis in grbl or Lightburn.

When I examine the gcode Lightburn is sending to the machine, it comments as “Bounds: X0 Y0 to X60 Y60”…Where are these numbers coming from?, as they are nothing like the size I have set up and would cause the issue!


Can you provide the following:

  1. Full screenshot of LightBurn with your design loaded
  2. With design ready to burn, go to File->Save gcode, then save with .txt extension and upload here
  3. Run these commands in Console and return output:

May have twigged that the bounds are the framing square limits…
Still, here are the answers to you questions:-

Console Response:
Target buffer size found

Catch.txt (1.3 KB)

Seems to me this is the likely issue. You’re in negative coordinates after homing. This is why you’re not able to use Absolute Coords correctly.

What is the source of the GRBL version that you have? What board are you running?

Based on the version number this looks like it might be from laserGRBL “v1.1h, custom, XY Homing 20190830” which should be set to zero origin after homing. If so, that doesn’t seem to be happening. But please confirm.

The gcode itself looks fine so don’t think that’s the issue at play.

Thanks for the reply!.

The board was just a generic amazon purchase…

My gut feel was that I should be able to get it to default to 0,0,0 on the limits, but this my first time playing with a grbl controller and I can’t any suitable command.
Flashed it with 1.1 grbl from the github thingy.

That will be an Arduino based board that will make it easy.

I’d suggest installing the firmware marked “v1.1h, custom, XY Homing 20190830” from laserGRBL. Easiest way is to do it directly from laserGRBL but up to you how you apply it. It will auto-zero origin after homing.

Flashing Grbl Firmware – LaserGRBL

Else if you’re comfortable you could compile your own version and install i

That sounds like the missing piece of puzzle!.

Thanks, I’ll start tomorrow and let you know.

Many thanks!

Yes- Just uncommenting a term in the config file!

All sorted once I conviced the controller to actually accept the upload…Now everything is nice and logical with homing creating 0,0,0

Thanks again!

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