Brand New and my Laser is not responding to any commands

Hello! I bought a 15000 mw Blue CNC Laser Engraver from Universal Engraver. It took a very long time to put it together and then the software they sent is Benbox and I have to use it through virtual box for my MacBook Air. Its horrible and in Chinese and I couldn’t get it to work through the virtual box so I contacted them and they said Lightburn would work on my Mac. I have everything on and plugged in but my laser is not responding. It won’t even move. I’ve spent 2 days trying to get this all going, HELP PLEASE! TY so much!

@Sassy ~ If the firmware is BenBox, you’ll need to change it to GRBL by flashing the controller. LightBurn doesn’t support BenBox firmware directly. GRBL 1.1f or later is recommended, but don’t know where or have a link to get it for your specific controller.

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Thanks Rick for the advice

Ty! I figured it out and got it responding but now its not printing straight and the letters are not completely correct. I do have it in as GRBL 1.1 but I am wondering if maybe the X Y measurements are off? Would that make it print like this?


The letters are also off but I can’t really show you on here.

Here’s the link to what I have

If it’s doing what you show there, it’s skipping steps - the motors aren’t keeping up with the commands from the software. That can be from telling it to go too fast, or from the motors trying to get up to speed too quickly, or not having enough power to move at the requested speed. It can also happen if the belts are too tight, bearings for the motion platform are sticky or stiff, or anything is impeding the motion of the machine.

TY so much, the belts were too loose. Its working but now it is a continuous line from each letter so how do I get it to stop engraving in between letters?

Read here:

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