Brand new dumb questions sorry,

Hi Guys!

Just got my system up and running and I have started doing some basic testes .

I’m running a M.P.C.N.C. marlin firmware, with a 10 watt endurance laser. I just loaded light burn

But when I make a test gcoad file I don’t think light burn is saving the power and speed settings.

It saves the gcoad but seems to be 100% power & speed? My set up is such that I print of line via octo-print. So it’s kind of important. I’m going to spend the night watching light burn videos.


Can you show an example of why you think it’s not working?

This is a hexagon, using 28% power, 150mm/sec speed (9000 mm/min):

; Cut @ 150 mm/sec, 28% power
M05  ; laser off
G0 X102.25 Y201.71 F0
M03 S71.4   ; laser on, power set to 28% of 255 here
G1 X119 Y174 F9000
G1 X102.25 Y146.29
G1 X68.75
G1 X52 Y174
G1 X68.75 Y201.71
G1 X102.25
M05  ; laser off again
; return to user-defined finish pos
G0 X0 Y0 F0

The issue has been corrected, using the light-burn auto set up, light-burn detected the wrong printer type.
I ran the manual setup and all is well now. I did try to find this post and up data it but I had no luck.
for that I apologize.
Thank you

No problem - glad you got it figured out.

No questions are ever dumb, some are just not presented well, Welcome to the forum… :slight_smile:

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