Brass 2.5D "Bamboo" tag

2.5D brass “Bamboo” tag

Done with my 60w JPT fiber machine. 110mm lens, 1200 mm/sec, 90% power, 60KHZ, 145 Q pulse, 508 dpi, 345 layers. Took 1 hour 50 minutes. some brass black, then 00 steelwool.


Looks great…

Any reason you picked 345 layers?

What do you use for brass black?


I seem to get better detail using more than the 256 layers. I’m always experimenting with all the settings though.
Brass Black …
Brass Black

I can see I need to make a proper jig for these tags. Got that one slightly off vertical.

White brass? Is that a desaturated photo?

Not white brass, probably just the outdoor lighting. I have noticed though that pictures posted on this forum appear slightly different than posted elsewhere. Not sure why.

Thanks for the link… too bad they don’t have any to purchase at this time.

This is how Oz described the 3dslice operation in one of the galvo beta threads. You might not have access to the galvo beta test area, but the link is here if you do. Following is a copy/paste from that thread.

With 3D Slice, each pass is thresholded to the current threshold value, and the result is run as a 1-bit image. If you use 256 passes you get exactly one pass per gray-level in the image. Every pixel at or below brightness 255 for the first pass, every pixel at or below 254, then 253, and so on.

If you choose 128 passes, you get every pixel at or below 254 for the first pass, then 252, then …

It “clusters” the layers together into batches if you use fewer than 256 passes, and will duplicate some layers (with even spacing) if you use more than 256. 384 passes would duplicate every 2nd layer. 512 passes would duplicate every layer.

I have a strip of metal I got from Ace Hardware. When I do coins and such, I engrave a centered indent to position the object for lasing… It should work for you also. A cheap jig…

Keep up the great work and thanks for posting