Break a line/ tracing an image

If I trace an image and its not coming out exactly how I want it, am I able to break a line and add my own and then delete the excess part. If I try to ungroup the picture, and there is still a big chunk connected, can I separate that into pieces?

Select the object, then select the node tool. Hover over the desired break point, press B for break. If the object is a closed object, only the node appearance will change. If it is an open object, the marquee will disappear. Hovering over a line segment between nodes and pressing D will delete the segment.

You can also use the cut shape feature to create a “cropping” shape to bust the object into pieces.


If you point the mouse at the ‘Edit Nodes’ button and press F1 it will bring to the help for that feature, complete with all the shortcut keys and video tutorials.

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