Break Apart creating line breaks/nodes

I’m new to Lightburn but loving it so far. I’m working on a project that is going to require a ton of finger joints. I found a site that makes adding the joints way faster than manually doing it for every joint (clementzheng’ joinery) but it requires that each side of the joined shapes be an individual “part”. So I create my shapes in Tinkercad, export as SVG, open the SVG in Lightburn, Ungroup everything, Break Apart everything to get the shapes into individual lines, but this is where the problem starts. Rather than each straight line being an entire line Lightburn seems to be breaking some lines into multiple segments(nodes?). So my questions:

Is there a way to get it to more accurately break the shapes? I know I can join each segmented line back into a single line but there are a LOT of lines and that will get tedious.

Or is there just a better way to go about this in general?

Assume you are making fingers for some type of box…

Lots of cad videos on doing this… it’s pretty tedious…

Try this site… for box generation…


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Neat stuff…

If you’re willing to share the LightBurn file after the SVG is imported, we may be able to find a different path to get you to your goal.

It appears that Clement Zheng is on a whole other level.

I ended up figuring out a workaround. I did an offset out, then deleted the original, then did an offset in. This gave me solid shapes that were the same size. Appreciate all the other comments!

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