Break shape at point - B - does not work

I am a professional, I have been creating wooden creations for 3 years.
I have the free version of Lightburn for 2 weeks : I want to modify lines by cutting them. It does not work: or only 1 time out of 40 ! I select the node, I type “B”: nothing happens. I move the knot to check : it is still well anchored on the line, which is not cut. I also tried multiple times by creating another node (with “I”) but same : it does not cut.
I asked colleagues who also have Lightburn: they don’t have this problem, everything works for them.
So I have to go through my old software to cut my lines.
If I don’t find a solution, I will clearly not upgrade to the paid version.

Hi Lucie,

Sorry to hear you’re running into problems. When you go into Node Edit mode, do you see the nodes highlighted, similar to the hexagon on the right?

Hello, no. When I select the node appears in red, not in green.
When one of the node finally breaks the Line, then thé node is green.

Here is a video of what I do (posted on youtube)

Thank you for the video, that was very helpful!

It looks like you’re selecting the node you want to break, then moving your mouse away before pressing B. You don’t need to click the node to select it, but you do need to be hovering over it for node editing to work.

Please look to the “Notes” column below, for the important bit of hovering as @JackieG identifies. :slight_smile: This chart is from our documentation, which is worth review.

Node Edit

Action Windows / Linux macOS Notes
Smooth corner node S S while hovering over a node
Convert line to smooth curve S S while hovering over a line
Convert curve to line L L while hovering over a curve
Convert smooth node to corner C C while hovering over a node
Delete node D D while hovering over a node
Delete line D D while hovering over a line
Insert node point I I while hovering over a line or curve
Insert node at midpoint M M while hovering over a line or curve
Break shape at point B B while hovering over a point
Trim line T T while hovering over a line, trim line under mouse at next intersection
Extend line E E while hovering over a point, extend line from point under mouse to intersection with another shape
Align to angle A A while hovering over a line, press ‘A’ to align it to the nearest horizontal, vertical, or 45° angle (new in v1.3)
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OK ! Indeed I tought I had to select the node to make it work :sweat_smile: Sorry, now it works perfectly just by hovering over the node :face_with_hand_over_mouth:

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