Breaking a drawing into 4 piece, Puzzle

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I have a question that is related to drawing/designing in LB. I"m making some larger acrylic templates that I will need to split up into 4 parts for shipping purposes. But I’d like to create like puzzle piece, so the parts can be reassembled and lock together. I only need one or two “puzzle” tabs on each part. My question is how can I create this, how do I split my part into 4 squares? Here is a picture of a part.



I’ll be interested to see comments by LB experts but this may be a task better suited to a vector drawing tool like Inkscape:

+1 for Inkscape and its jigsaw extension.

Export your file from LR as .svg, import it into Inkscape and do the jigsaw magic, then put it back in LR.

I’d like to keep it all in Lightburn if possible. I’m sure Rick or Oz have a solution, they always do :smile:

I have not used the InkScape plugin, so can’t offer feedback on that. I know I can produce what you are looking to do within LightBurn but would require a bit of work to accomplish. LightBurn does not offer a “puzzle” type tool to assist.

If I wanted to do this all within LightBurn, I would start by google searching for vector puzzle joint shapes I could use as my “Clipping” tool to separate your art into appropriate shipping sizes that can be reassembled. In the example below, I created a rectangle, then used the ‘Radius’ tool to round the bottom corners, then used snapping to align things. I had to use several duplicates of the rounded corner rectangle to complete the clipping process using one of the rectangles and one puzzle shapes, then select the ‘Weld’ tool to weld my shape (puzzle) to yours (rounded-corner shape).


I would take some time to plan this out to have a good puzzle joint pattern that would best support the assembly process, providing good strength and fit for purpose. I would also use a kerf setting in my cut to provide room for the pieces the fit back together without to much force.

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Thanks @Rick I’ll give that a try.

Pure Lightburn solution :slight_smile:

Circle, rectangle. (or any shape, if you want to make different ones to it’s easier to identify)
Node tool: remove end of puzzle joint.

Two options:
-Place randomly within part
-Use a (circular) pattern for even distribution.

Join ends of puzzle joints to edges/each other.




That’s similar to what I was thinking but @Rick brought up a good point about the kerf of the cut. I don’t know if I’m over thinking that, I’m going to just give it a try and cut one and see how much I loose on my part. These are patterns for leather craft so not super critical but I want to keep them as close as possible to the original, but loosing a 1/16" probably isn’t going to affect it much.


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