Bridge and Tabs add more than selected in Auto

Hi guys,
I have just started using the bridge tab facility in version 22, and have noticed some things. I researched, watched clips but still have questions. This isn’t urgent. I did what I wanted manually, but for the auto option…

When I have selected parts and select

2 tabs per item
Ignore enclosed holes

on some parts I get exactly two, but, on other parts I get 4.

I thought I imported the files from Coreldraw 19 as a .dxf maybe there’s some issue there, so I selected the part, looked at closing the vectors if they were not joined, thinking, maybe the one part was made of two …but It was one part.

As I say this is definitely not a burning issue, excuse the pun, but it happens.

I went on to cut the parts and the result is. PERFECTTT

Thank you for this feature


Most likely, your parts aren’t closed loops, but disconnected, independent shapes.

If you select one of those parts with too many tabs, un-group it (Ctrl+U), then grab part of it and drag it - I would bet good money that it splits into pieces.

Undo (Ctrl+Z) then select everything (Ctrl+A), ungroup it all (Ctrl+U), then use Edit > Auto Join Selected Shapes (Alt+J) to connect all the loose bits together.

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Thanks Oz, I have gone back in and here’s what I have noticed, and how I need at adapt my practices.

The shaped were indeed individual parts :crazy_face: but that remained so even after I selected the whole item and used the Auto Join Selected Shapes…Thanks for shortcut.

But, they were not joining because in my select I was selecting everything in the part, including holes.
When I selected the top and bottom, it again did not join them… see images

Some would not upload, file too large alert :shushing_face:

So I even tried Join with tolerance…nope

But when I closed in, there was an overlap, so I manually closed the lines and tried bridges…bam…perfect …

So…I will not just select the whole drawing and apply close…as I do in Coreldraw…I will not even select a whole part with holes, I will select the parts needed…and I really like the Show Open…very cool…then I will join them…but man, the bridges/tabs were perfect…I found using the tab percentage level at 12 made things even sweeter

So again thank you

This can be required. Glad to see you are making progress and thanks for the friendly comments. We like hearing folks are enjoying LightBurn. :slight_smile:

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