Bring image to the front


I have two .png files that I am importing into a project for a cutting board. One of the images sits partially on top of the other. I want one of the images to be at the forefront. When I run my job, it burns both images completely so you can see the image I want in the back in the image I want in the front. I selected the .png I want to be in front and chose ARRANGE - PUSH TO FRONT, but that is not working. I have used the WELD function and that did work however that could be cumbersome and not work for multiple graphics. Is there a way to accomplish this without weld?

Thanks for any assistance.

This is worth review and covers how you can set up to properly composite these images as you’d like.

Are you sure those are PNG files? Those look very much like vector outlines to me, and PNG will not store those. (did you mean SVG files?)

If you have SVGs, you would need to cut one of the shapes out of the other, using the boolean tools.

Thanks that is what i wound up using…The Boolean Union tool worked perfectly and did exactly what i wanted.

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