Bringing pattern from Illustrator into LB

Hi Folks,

I am trying to figure out a best practice for bringing in fill patterns from Illustrator to LB. As an example, I use s USGS rock pile pattern to fill a complex layer of closed paths. It’s like areas in a body of water that are defined with a closed path of various shapes. I can engrave it or keep it vector as long as the pattern stays within the paths. I understand I may have to do more work in Illustrator to prepare the file so that’s fine. The various methods I’ve tried bring the pattern into LB but don’t stay within the paths. It overlaps with squares outside the boundaries.

Can you post some screenshots of what you’re experiencing?

Upload a sample AI file also if you’re willing. You may need to change the extension to .TXT for the forum to accept the file.

If you have used patterns in AI this is one of them from a set of land and water patterns from USGS.

Can you post a screenshot of this formation in LightBurn where the symptoms are apparent?

I’m actually surprised that LightBurn brings in the pattern at all…

You are correct - LB does not bring patterns in. That’s really the main problem. I’ve rastered the patterns, tried breaking apart into individual vectors, etc. If there’s a workflow we could develop to bring them in it would benefit many people. That last screen shot was illustrator.

Just to make sure I’m following… you’ve rasterized the pattern within AI? But then the rasterized image is not aligned to the background vectors when imported?

And you’ve also tried converting the pattern to vector paths? Once as a path I feel like that should import into LB without problem. What happens in this case?

Great questions! Keeps my mind intact. I am successful in rastering the patterns but sometimes the areas are so large it can hang the laser. If I can keep them vectors the file size is much smaller. Thanks for you input!

Forgot to address the other question. Converting to paths causes all sorts of problems. The vectors will not conform to the shape they are in. Perhaps there is a certain way to keep the paths around the fill but I have yet to find it.

Are you able to lower the DPI of the raster to reduce overall size? What sort of real world dimensions are you burning to?

It’s been a very long time since I’ve used AI so can’t provide any real insight here unfortunately.

Would it be too much work to recreate the pattern within LightBurn?

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