Broken laser tube

My new K40 Laser has arrived today and I am very excited about everything. But, unfortunately, my laser tube is broken. For me, it looks like gluing the outer ring has not been stable enough. Now the correspondence with my salesman starts, I hope he just sends a new tube …

Oh man! That’s kills all of the excitement. Better file a claim with the shipper.


Here a little follow-up of my complaint case,

Dear customer,
Got the picture, and so sorry for this trouble.
The tube may damaged in transit, as the shipping is little brutal sometimes.
And i just check with the supplier and was told, only the water jacket broken off, and he offer me two tips, and could you please give it try.

  1. Please set the water jacket well, you can glue it with AB in the outer ring
  2. Or you can remove the water jacket and change the water pipe directly to the pipe.
    Could you please give it try and keep us update please.
    Wait for your reply.
    kind regards.

For warranty reasons and because I do not want to start a patch on a new machine, I have asked for a new tube or to change the machine or to cancel the entire transaction. Now I’m waiting for their answer so I finally get started burning

Absolutely! New replacement is the only acceptable resolution.


It is actually very sad because the machine is in better condition (with the exception of the miserable bonding on the tube) as I expected. The potentiometer is a new version, much more solid and the entire electrical work looks better than most of the machines I’ve seen. With a little work and some modifications it could be a very fine machine for the price.


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