Brown algae in laser tube

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I had this new 100watt laser tube installed in my new machine few months back .i see the brown algae inside all across the tube now .

How can I remove algae from the laser tube and water pipe .how can we prevent algae formation after cleaning up.

My second question do you clean the optics on the output of the laser tube or only the mirrors and focus lens . If we can clean the output side of the tube, what is the genral guide line.


Here is what I know about algae. It loves light and sunlight. Is your laser in an area that is hit by direct sunlight? That may be the cause and you should cover your laser with a cover after you clean the algae.

There are many links around the web teaching you how to clean the algae by running a mixture of vinegar and distilled water through the tube then flushing it out with water. Be careful on using vinegar too much vinegar because it can destroy rubber and plastic parts in your water cooling system. Pumps membranes etc.

Here is one such link

Then here is the King of Chinese laser anatomy Russ the Main Man from England with a video on maintaining your laser

If you maintain and take care of your laser it will last and take care of you. Maintenance is KEY

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You should only use distilled water. If you’re not using a closed loop system (like an industrial chiller) you will be prone to organic contamination of your water supply leading to mold or algae.

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Here is another great read on the subject