Bubbles in the laser tube

How do I get rid of the bubbles in the laser tube …This is the first time I’m experiencing something like this .

Probably you often have air bubbles in your tube, you just have not observed it before.
“Normally” a water cooler will push the bubbles out if it is powerful enough otherwise you will have to lift your machine at the opposite end of the outlet to help. The problem is just that they are coming back. Although it is not easy, always avoid bubbles, they will (can) otherwise accumulate into one big bubble and ruin your tube.

Bubbles of this size, in this position of the tube probably wont cause you any problems. Where you need to be careful, is that on older or badly designed tubes, large pockets of air can get stuck the wrong side of the water outlet or inlet, causing big areas of non-cooled tube in critical parts of the CO2 tube. This can sometimes lead to tube failure or even rapid cooling and shattering, if a hotter spot develops and then gets rapidly cooled.

If those bubbles are stuck there, pinch/squeeze/throttle your silicone water hoses for a couple of moments to restrict the flow a little to increase the pressure. You can do this at either the inlet or the outlet, you can do this anywhere on any of your water hoses to cause some extra pressure in the system and hopefully flush your bubbles out.

If you really can’t shift a bubble, like @bernd.dk says, you might have to resort to turning the water flow off, and lifting the entire machine from one end (small machines) or unclamping and lifting the tube making one end higher than the other (can be really difficult and can risk misaligning or damaging the tube). However, with the sort of bubbles you’ve got there, I’d just leave it alone.

Sometimes draining the system completely and then refilling it can clear stubborn bubbles. I’ve found with new tubes that priming the tube can also help, ensuring its wet inside all over and doesn’t have dry spots, before turning the chiller or water pump on.

okay …thanks

I squeeze the water inlet tube and release. The bubbles get pushed out with the quick rapid flow of the water. Sometimes takes a few times.

Ensure the ‘output’ of the tube coolant is ‘up’ to allow bubbles to flow out without any resistance.

When I ‘winterized’ my machine, I ended up with lots of little bubbles being created, I’m assuming by the pump. I have a continuous flow of these tiny bubbles.

I was assured by a reputable source, after their viewing of this video, that it wasn’t an issue.

Notice the coolant output orientation…

Air bubbles in coolant video