Buenas noches pregunta sobre parámetros de corte (Good evening, question about cutting parameters)

Me gustaría saber a qué velocidad y potencia se pude contactar MDF de 3 mm
Ya que yo tengo una sculpfun S10 de 10w y la verdad no
He podido cortarlo yo lo estoy intentando con 240 de velocidad y 100 de potencia.
Y 6 pasadas alguno me puede ayudar ?

I would like to know at what speed and power 3 mm MDF can be contacted
Since I have a 10w sculpfun S10 and the truth is not
I have been able to cut it, I am trying with 240 speed and 100 power.
And 6 passes, can anyone help me?

Inspect your optics, make sure the glass dont have any smears or any marks

Also make sure you are focusing at the center of the material

MDF is tough but that looks like quite slow

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Mi amigo buenas noches y cuál sería lo recomendable para cortarlo.
Y en uno rato más desmonto el láser y lo limpio aver si es eso

My friend, good evening and what would be the recommended way to cut it.
And in a little while I’ll disassemble the laser and clean it to see if that’s it.

LightBurn may have left the measurement units for speed in mm/second. If this is causing the cutting to be weak, you may find more success if you work in mm/minute. It is set in the Settings window.

Click Edit, click Settings, confirm the units are mm/minute, and click OK when finished.

If you change the units of measurement, you will see the speed you had requested in the new units of measurement.

Please re-test with a speed of 240 (mm/minute) after the units are corrected.

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