Bug: Cannot calibrate 50x50 Galvo Lens

i found a bug where i cannot calibrate a 50x50 Galvo lens using the 9 point calibration tool
someone posted this before stating its all lenses below 110x110 but it got lost in the depths of this forum

I made a new profile with JCZFiber set to 50x50 working area,

Clicking on yes doesnt mark the calibration pattern, it just does nothing.

one workaround i found is using a dummy 100x100 profile (below 110x110 but still works) and just double the measurements and half the results or something, didnt perfectly work out.

@JohnJohn @Rick
Could you please take a look?

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Thank you all for reporting. Looking into our systems, this is a known bug, fixed and targeted for the 1.7.00 release. For now, you can turn off “discard out of bounds shapes” in the main settings. :slight_smile:


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