Bug: Continuous jog wrong direction 0.9.20 through 1.2. Trocen

There is an existing thread on this same exact issue for 0.9.20 but it doesn’t show any replies. I am finding the same issue on 1.2.04

Have an LOX7 (AWC708C) controller, it homes to the front right (converted machine and that is where the existing optical limit switches were and I didn’t want to move them). So it homes correctly there and I then move it to back left (which it considers 650,450). That is all fine and move arrow keys work as expected

However if I enable continuous jog the arrow buttons (both X and Y) do the reverse. If I turn it off they go back to what I would consider the correct behavior - the top Y button for instance increasing Y and going towards the back of the machine

I can toggle the button on and off with no other changes and it flips the axis each time. I have a short video of it here

@admins Is there another way to report a bug?

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