Bug: Copy/Paste Does Not Copy Layer Properties

Copy and pasting from one document to another document that does not yet have the layers from the first results in the 2nd document assigning the same layers to the pasted objects but without the proper settings from the first document.

What exactly are you copying? If it’s shapes then it wouldn’t be expected to carry over layer properties. Layer properties are not a function of the shape. Shapes are only associated to a layer.

If you copied shapes from multiple files into one file would you expect every paste to override the existing settings for a layer?

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A grouped stack of images, each on a different layer.

Shapes belonging to a layer should be seen as a property of the shape. The whole purpose of creating shapes in Lightburn is to define their properties for the laser, most of which belong to the layer.

I can understand that if the same layer already exists in the paste-document there is some ambiguity about how it should be handled (my suggestion would be: it should prompt and ask which settings to keep, along with a “don’t ask this again” checkbox), but if the layer doesn’t exist in the corresponding document then you are simply losing information during the copy. That doesn’t seem like acceptable application behavior to me.

At the very least, there should be a paste-special option that does include layer information, as I need a way to transfer the objects with layer information associated. I wanted to do this by dropping an illustrator file with multiple layers, but Lightburn won’t even accept it. I would do it by dropping a Lightburn file into the current one, but Lightburn doesn’t give an option for importing it rather than opening it as a replacement.

Any of these solutions would suffice for me, but right now it is rather frustrating to have to manually transport layer properties.

You can import LightBurn files into the open LightBurn file.


This is not the only option available to you. Have you tried the Layer Copy and Paste, in the ‘Cuts / Layers’ window (far-right of the window) to see if this workflow works for what you are after?


left and right arrows

These two buttons let you copy a layer’s settings (right arrow) into a cache and paste the settings onto a selected layer. This can be very useful if you want the same settings on multiple layers, or want to use one layer’s settings as the starting point for further modifications on another layer.