Bug : frame 'circle' with 'cut selected graphics'

When I have design with several objects, I select one object and have ‘cut selected graphics’ enabled. With the frame boundry / squere I get the results i expect, with frame rubberband / circle it seems it does the boundry but way bigger than it should be.

(is this the right place to report a bug? If not I willing to report it at the proper site/page)

Version of Lightburn 9.07, controller smoothie board

This is the right place. When you say “it does the boundary, but way bigger” - do you mean the shape is correct but the scale is off? Is it possible that it’s including the rest of the design, and not just the selected graphics?

I made a ‘design’ with a circle and square and did some test with the frame boundary. This is to big for the part that i have selected, the form itself is not the shape of the design. In my example that should be a eg circle, Lightburn maken something triangle with point down ish??

I think is fairly easy to reproduce, make a few basic shapes you can recognise relative far apart. Select one of the shapes with ‘cut selected graphics’ enabled and select frame rubberband option, you should see that there is something wrong.

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I’ve made a note in our bug database to look into this, and referenced this thread there, so I can notify you when I’ve had a chance to fix it.

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I believe I have this sorted - it will be in the next release.

Great, I will test it then when the next version is released.

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