[bug] have to presse start twice (first time just move)


Everytime I start a job the GRBL 1.1 device runs slowly to the right, go back a little and stop, without powering on the laser;
if i click again start, the device goes to the origin and then works correctly.

How i can resolve this and have the job done the first time?

  • Do you see any information in the console when this happens?
  • Do you hear any grinding sounds?

It’s possible that your laser isn’t properly homed, or you have not zero’d it, or set the proper “Start from” setting, and the initial “slow move” is actually the laser hitting the rails while trying to satisfy the position request. The 2nd time you start it would be in the right place, and would work more or less immediately.

Read about ‘Machines without limit switches’ here: Common Grbl Setups - LightBurn Software Documentation

And about ‘Absolute Coords’ vs the other starting modes here: Coordinates and Job Origin - LightBurn Software Documentation

No grinding sounds, and no message in console.
I have the outofbound message and I use user origin.
The machine works ok, first time make this movement second time I click start goes to home correctly (I have no home switches) and do the job.
The console worn about the OOB couse I have a bigger area 3020 not 3018

Can you show me a screen shot of you LightBurn window, so I can see the job origin setting, and how you have the file arranged in the UI? Do you zero your laser? (IE, jog it to the origin, then use the G92 X0 Y0 command to zero it, or just power cycle it?)

Sorry for the late reply I’m moving out.
I use user origin and I press “SET ORIGIN” button, but this behavior presents even so.

Using User Origin and pressing Set User Origin doesn’t change anything, it just records the position of the starting point. If it’s out of bounds, that will still trigger warnings unless you turn them off in the settings.

It also doesn’t appear that you have chosen a port to use the laser:

I have made the screen with the HW disconnected.

The first time the job starts with laser off and slowly move in a direction, second time goes to origin and do the job.

I wil try to make a screen of console but the first time it’s like “job starting” “job ending”

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