Bug in Home button when Z axis is disabled

I use Marlin firmware on a Bibo touch 2 Gcode 3D printer. I have disabled the Z axis in the Device settings so that the build plate doesn’t crash the laser mounted to the front vent fan. However, when I press the Home in the Light Burn app it still resets the Z axis which is incorrect. As there is also an option in the app to Auto Home at the beginning, it would be helpful to respect the fact that Z axis is disabled and must not move on Home. Please send this bug to your dev team.

This is not a bug. Disabling Z in LightBurn disables LightBurn controls for Z. It does not disable Z on your machine.

Requesting home from LightBurn will initiate the homing sequence as defined by your machine. If your machine includes Z as part of the homing process then it will home Z.

Then tell me how to disable the Z axis on click of Home in the Lightburn. Because the machine needs to reset the X and Y axis before it can properly operate.

As far as I know you’d have to recompile Marlin to change default homing behavior.

You may be able to work around this by setting up a Macro in LightBurn to issue something like this:

G28 X Y

That may home only X and Y but I’m not familiar with your specific machine.

You are not going to like this. Very few Marlin settings can be done thru the console. It is not a user friendly controller like some others. This link will show what is ahead…

My suggestion is to move the Z to the focal point of the laser, then pull the connector to the stepper motor. To enable the HOME sequence, tell it to HOME, then press the Z-up limit switch so X and Y can HOME. If your switch is in a difficult location, (you or somebody you trust with a soldering pencil) can add a normally open switch across the Z-home switch, with extension wires. I know this sounds clunky, but it is more fun than wading thru some cryptic C++ code and compiling to make a new Marlin executable. Good luck!

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