Bug in Measurements window in relationship to units

I am on a M1 Mac using the latest as of this evening about to test the fix in 1.0.1 for movement. When I pulled up the Measurements window I found that the units are not accurate. The outer square on the template I am drawing should be 14"x14". If you take a look at the screenshot below the Segment Length is correct but the width and height are showing mm.

Guess that’s what you get for going imperial :slight_smile:

Nice spotting. I do everything in mm, so I wouldn’t have seen it. I think Lightburn does it all in mm also, but I’m not sure.

It does it in 1.0.0 also…


I switch between mm/in :-D. Its the world I grew up in :-D. I guess after doing aircraft inspections for 4 years and working software development for the last almost decade I watch things close :smiley:

I can understand that. It’s good to get that fixed, I’m sure it’s one of those oops things…

As a software developer I understand oops :-D. And it would be nice to have it fixed. Not really something bugging me right off the get go. I am quite excited about the responsiveness of the lightburn team so far! And other than not getting to do much with version 1 yet I like the software :smiley:

I spent 30 years in hardware and software. This is the most easy, intuitive software I’ve ever used. I run linux, so I don’t buy outright usually. I have been more than pleased with their product.

At least it isn’t ‘fix one bug and a bunch more come to the funeral’… :slight_smile:

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Apologies for the delayed response, I am able to reproduce as well and will create a report for the dev team. Thank you. :slight_smile:

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The actual numbers are correct (they’re inches - 14 x 4 is 54, so your 54" perimeter square is 14" wide & high). The labels are wrong (mm), and have been fixed.

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