Bug in New Version re: Library Air Assist?

If I have a library setting that includes air assist on, and I apply that to a layer, air assist appears to be off and I cannot toggle it on (to green) unless I unlink it to the library setting.

The settings are linked to the library. If it’s on in the materials library layer it should be on in the ‘linked’ layer.

Layer 27 is linked and it’s on in the materials library. Here it shows on, just not green

Screenshot from 2022-07-04 14-47-56

Ensure the air assist is on within the materials library that you are linking to.


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It is on in the library, but why does it not show green? Very confusing.

Is the button to the right, like mine?

If it’s grayed out, that indicates it’s linked to a library entry. Anything greyed out is not accessible, in this case because it’s reflecting (linked to) the library.

If you move to a different machine, with identical library material names it will operate with the ‘new’ machines library and update all the entries. Once linked you can’t change the entries except via the materials library.


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