BUG: Material test generator

1: The material test generator uses the materials from 01/Black and 02/Blue. The values it populates come from the last used values for the last openen project, even if that project did not use those materials or are even present in the design. Hence they are basicly random.

The generator should have it’s own materials settings and not re-use the ones defined elsewhere.

The dialogs for this material should grey out the settings which are applied in the steps.

2: If you do a material test on a small piece and you set the box size small, the formatting goes wrong. The boxes get small and the text does not render but leave wasted space. How about re-formatting it and rotating the text to allow smaller samples without making it impossible.

Can you elaborate on point #2 where you say “the formatting goes wrong”? Can you show a picture of the preview? The system is set to scale the text based on the swatch size, so everything adjusts automatically.

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