Bug - offset item in virtual array

Hi team,

When offsetting a shape that is part of a virtual array, with ‘delete original object’ selected, all of the array objects disappear except the primary one. The array still ‘holds space’ as though they were there, keeping the origin where you’d expect the end of the array to be but all other objects disappear. The original object is still “in” the array and the settings are available to edit.

Turning off ‘virtual’ in the array settings, or flattening the array will return the rest of the objects. Changing the rows/columns of the virtual array will resize the space that the array takes up, but not make the other objects visible.

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Thank you for posting and drawing our attention to this. Investigating further… :slight_smile:

Edit: @opto, I have been able to reproduce what you are observing here on my system and have generated a report for the Dev Team. We will update this post once sorted. Thank you again. :slight_smile:

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Thanks for reporting this @opto !
I’ve fixed the bug and that will be in the next release.


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