Bug or help? Using New version

Sorry for my poor english, i am french :slight_smile: I just tested lightburn 0.9. 1st… when i want a text, then enter a number from my numeric keypad, the laser move (only if i use the numbers on the numeric keypad, if i use SHIFT + number on the top, it is ok, but use the numeric keypad, the laser move) . 2nd. i tried 2 different shape then make one using tool bolean… here is the result i get,. Can not send all my pictures but all have problem

The number pad has been used to jog the machine in this version. I can add code to still let the numbers work when editing text - that should not be hard.

For the boolean, make sure that your lower shape is a single closed path. If it is multiple line segments that were never joined together, this can happen. You can select the bottom shape, un-group it (with Ctrl+U) and then run the join tool (Alt-J).

Tks, yes maybe better if laser move only if numlock is inactive , but do not move when numlock is active. ABout the bolean./…it tried your solution… not ok. i let the file on facebook messenger . can you check? tks

Send the file to developer at LightBurnSoftware dot com with a brief message about the problem you’re having.