Bug Report: Cylinder Correction

Hi guys. I believe I’ve encountered a bug with galvo cylinder correction. In the GUI, there is no way to enter an object diameter of less than 1 inch if the units are set to inches. I can circumvent this issue by using mm, but most of the parts I engrave have fractional inch diameters and converting the units is a bit of a nuisance.

Thanks for the report. I will fix it for the next release.

Thanks for the quick reply, Adam. I appreciate it. I have a few more comments / suggestions (not bugs) regarding the cylinder correction feature:

  1. When framing with a galvo laser, the Hull and Contour options respect the cylinder correction adjustments and appear correctly (not distorted) on the cylindrical workpiece. The Bounds option, however appears to create a standard rectangular boundary (not distortion corrected) around the distortion corrected projection. This can be a little confusing as the Bounds option will appear distorted when it projects directly onto the cylindrical surface. An operator could easily assume that cylinder correction isn’t working during framing, though it really is. Ideally, the rectangular frame would be cylinder corrected to that it appears non-distorted on the workpiece. Does that make sense?
  2. Cylinder correction appears to persist with open program window and is not associated with the open file. Is that correct? Would it be possible to tie the cylinder correction to the specific file, rather than the interface as a whole? When changing files, cylinder correction remains enabled (this is usually unwanted behavior for my workflow, though it could be helpful for others). Ideally, there would be a way to set cylinder correction on a specific file so that when you open that file, the operator doesn’t need to manually key in the values. This would be a huge time saver.

I will check on this. Might actually be a bug.

Possibly? I’ll talk it over with the team. We basically copied rotary which is just globally enabled or not. But you’re not wrong that for cylinder correction it could be helpful to be per file. Main problem is that it’s also specific to the device (which in the case of galvo means device AND installed lens). We’ll discuss and log it to get on the task list for a future update.

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