Bug - Virtual array & joining shapes

Hi team,

I’ve found some more odd behaviour in virtual arrays - joining some line work into a ‘shape’ removes the shape from the ‘virtual’ parts of the array. Steps to repeat as follows:

  • create three single (unjoined) lines making a triangle, for example, (or in my case, import a client file with unjoined geometry in it)
  • add a circle or some other shape inside, just to see the result in the array
  • create a virtual array of the collection of lines/shapes
  • join the lines using Auto Join, to make a closed triangle

The triangle will disappear from virtual elements of the array, and the ‘bounds’ of the array will resize to suit whatever shapes are left. Screen shot of the steps below:


I assume that is because the array is made of ‘3 lines and one circle’, so once you join the lines they no longer exist, and the new shape that is created isn’t a member of the array any more.

It’s not a deal breaker because it’s a weird workflow to do it this way, instead of making the geometry correct first and then arraying it, but I thought it was worth pointing out.

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Thanks for reporting this!
I’ve fixed the issue and that will be included in the next major release.


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