Built a new computer and can't get Lightburn to work on it

I just built a new computer. Now I’m trying to install LightBurn. Here are my Specs.

My computer

MSI MAG X570 Tomahawk Motherboard - With the most recent Bios
AMD Ryzen 7 3700X CPU - Most recent Drivers
32GB DDR4 Ram at 3600MHZ
3070ti Geforce Graphics
Latest Windows 10 Pro

My Laser
Boss 1420
Ruida Control
Using a hardwired USB Connection

I downloaded the newest version of Lightburn 64bit. I can go all the way to where you click Find My Laser and as soon as I click next the LightBurn Program freezes and will not let me go any further. I have tried Uninstalling and Reinstalling. I have tried Uninstalling and Reinstalling the 32Bit version with no success. Also, I did click the box to install the FTDI serial Drivers for my Ruida Laser control.

Thank you for any help or suggestions.

That’s highly odd.

Can you complete the installation by creating the device manually instead of doing 'Find my laser"? Would be interesting to see if it’s something purely linked to the discovery mechanism or something broader.

If I create a device manually it seems to work. But if I go into the machine settings it states “Communication with the controller failed”

I also forgot to mention that it has worked flawless on my laptop for 2 Years.

Good to know about the laptop. And I assume you’ve recently connected to the laser so you know the controller is good?

Can you confirm that the laser shows that it’s connected in Device Manager? Do you see a port for it? If not, will need to get that sorted or else LightBurn will have no chance of working.

I got it working! It did show in device manager but I was using one of the USB ports on the front of the computer. For some reason it did not like that. I ended up trying one of the ones directly on the Motherboard and it worked the first time without any issues.

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