Burin in landscape

Can anyone give me some advice please? I am trying to engrave a plaque for someone, a simple thin, just really GOOD LUCK
It needs to be in landscape and not portrait, the only way I have found to do it is to type the letters and then rotate them by 90 degs but I am having a job getting the spacing right and the alignment, is there another way? I have to have this done by tonight and painted and dried! any help or suggestions much appreciated.

Hi Marc,
Been trying it myself but the only way i can find is by doing it as you’ve been.

Please show what you mean by “landscape and not portrait”. This could be interpreted several ways. :slight_smile:

Rather than burning across the shortest part of the board [portrait] I want to burn text along the longest side of the board Landscape, thus far the only way I have been able to do this is to type one letter at a time rotate through 90 degrees then carry on doing this with the rest of the text, I wondered if there was another way to do this as getting spacing and alignment correct is a bit of a challenge, Kris1 is also having the same problem.

Hi Chris
Seems like this is the only way, just a pain getting everything aligned, ah well as they say practice makes perfect!

Why not create the entire project, group and then rotate the whole thing?

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